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Kids Yoga and Art Summer Camps

Five days of fun and creativity through yoga and art!

Let your kids experience a fun and creative camp before school returns! Kids get to practise yoga and develop their flexibility, concentration and body-awareness in a fun and playful way. They will also get involved in wonderful art projects, make new friends and maybe even learn some life skills!

Kids Yoga and Art Summer Camps

Each day will be fun filled and exciting. Children will explore painting, crafting, drawing & constructing. Each day will have a different theme, linking the art activity with the yoga practice.

There will be fun yoga stories and co-operative yoga games which stimulate children’s’ imaginations while also helping to maintain their natural flexibility.

Kids will learn how to do partner yoga which is a fun way to practise team-work. Breathing exercises, positive affirmations and healthy life choices are also included in the camp.

At the end of every day there is a full body relaxation to help children fully unwind with beautiful visualisations and meditations.

There will also be a break for lunch and some time for free-play with each other.

Sara will be leading the yoga while Gillian Bogan, another primary school teacher, performer and avid yogi, will be teaching the art, adding her creative flair to the camp. We hope it will be the best one yet!


Dates for the camps 2019:

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For more information about the camps please contact Sara for enrollment form and payment details.  We will be filling places from the start of May 2019.

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